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RT809H Programmer Software Download
RT809H Programmer Software Download

Download RT809H Programmer Software

The wait is over, below you can a extensive collection of RT809H Programmer Software for Windows, MAC, Linux and Android operating system. We have tried our best to collect the maximum of versions for this software like you can find here the software versions from 2019 to the latest date, which is 20230323.

SoftwareDownload Link
RT809H-RT809HSE-20230323_ENG (Latest)Click Here
RT809H-RT809HSE-20220308Click Here
RT809H-20210222Click Here
RT809H-20200627-PatchClick Here
RT809H-20200603-PatchClick Here
RT809H-20200529-PatchClick Here
RT809H-20200501-PatchClick Here
RT809H-20200416-PatchClick Here
RT809H-20200405Click Here
RT809H-20200329-PatchClick Here
RT809H-20200326-PatchClick Here
RT809H-20200111-PatchClick Here
RT809H-20191227Click Here
RT809H-20191216-PatchClick Here
RT809H-20191210-PatchClick Here
RT809H-20191115-PatchClick Here
RT809H-20191111-PatchClick Here
RT809H-20191031-PatchClick Here
RT809H-20191030Click Here
RT809H User manualClick Here

RT809H User Manual PDF

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Overview of RT809H Programmer

The RT809H is a cutting-edge, high-speed programmer meticulously engineered to cater to a wide range of devices, including NAND, NOR, eMMC, EC, MCU, and ISP components. It stands out as an industry leader, offering exceptional speed and versatility in the realm of device programming. This intelligent universal programmer is known for its automatic chip detection capability and extensive support for various flash series, including TSOP48-NAND-EMMC-PLCC. Remarkably, it is the only programmer that can sense IC orientation, regardless of how the chip is inserted.


  1. Universal Device Support: The RT809H programmer is capable of reading and writing 8-pin and 16-pin chips commonly found in a wide range of electronic devices, including PC motherboards, laptops, hard disks, LCD/LED TVs, DVDs, routers, and home appliances.
  2. Versatility: It extends its support to car navigation devices, mobile phones, TVs, flash drives, and even allows for the reading and programming of laptop I/O chips via the keyboard connector.
  3. High Capacity: The programmer can handle unlimited capacity TSOP48 NAND FLASH EMMC, TSOP56, and up to 64GB NAND FLASH, making it suitable for a broad spectrum of memory devices.
  4. LCD/LED TV Programming: It offers convenient features for programming LCD/LED TVs, including the ability to read and write through the VGA port and HDMI port without the need to open the device.
  5. In-Circuit Programming: The ISP connector enables in-circuit programming, saving time and effort in device programming tasks.
  6. BIOS Chip Programming: A standout feature of the RT809H is its capability to read and program BIOS chips on motherboards without the need for their removal, streamlining motherboard maintenance.
  7. Reliability Checks: The programmer conducts a device insertion test to identify incorrect or backward chip placement, ensuring reliable programming. It also performs a contact check to detect poor pin-to-socket connections before programming each device.


  • Compatibility: NAND, NOR, eMMC, EC, MCU, ISP devices.
  • Supported Flash Series: TSOP48-NAND-EMMC-PLCC.
  • Chip Capacity: Handles unlimited capacity TSOP48 NAND FLASH EMMC, TSOP56, and up to 64GB NAND FLASH.
  • Programming Ports: VGA, HDMI, keyboard connector.
  • In-Circuit Programming: Supported via ISP connector.
  • BIOS Chip Programming: Supported without removal.
  • Device Insertion Test: Ensures correct chip placement.
  • Contact Check: Detects poor pin-to-socket connections.
  • Operating System: Compatible with all versions of MS Windows.
  • User Interface: User-friendly control program with pull-down menus, hot keys, and online help.
  • Device Selection: Can be done by class, manufacturer, or by typing vendor name or part number.
  • Data Formats: Supports all known data formats.

How to Use RT809H Programmer

The RT809H programmer sets the benchmark for device programming with its unparalleled speed, extensive compatibility, and user-friendly software, making it an indispensable tool for professionals in the electronics industry. Whether you’re working with PC components, consumer electronics, or specialized devices, the RT809H’s versatility and reliability make it a top choice for all your programming needs.

The RT809H Programmer is a popular device used for programming and repairing various types of memory chips, including BIOS chips, EEPROMs, NAND Flash, and more. Below are step-by-step instructions on how to use the RT809H Programmer:

Before You Begin:

  1. Safety First: Ensure that you’re working in an ESD-safe environment and take necessary precautions to avoid electrostatic discharge. Use an anti-static wrist strap if possible.
  2. Power Supply: Make sure the programmer is connected to a stable power supply with the correct voltage and current specifications. Always use a surge protector.
  3. Backup: If you’re working on a chip with important data (e.g., a motherboard BIOS), make a backup of the original chip content before proceeding.

Step 1: Connect the RT809H Programmer:

  1. Connect the RT809H Programmer to your computer via USB. Install any necessary drivers if prompted. The programmer should power on, and the LCD screen will display its main menu.
  2. Connect the target memory chip to the ZIF (Zero Insertion Force) socket on the programmer. Ensure that the chip’s orientation matches the socket’s orientation, usually with a notch or dot indicating Pin 1.

Step 2: Read the Original Content:

  1. Select “Read” from the main menu on the RT809H programmer.
  2. Choose the type of memory chip you’re working with (e.g., SPI, I2C, NAND, etc.) and set the appropriate voltage levels if required.
  3. Click “Read” to read the content from the target chip. The data will be displayed on the screen and can be saved to your computer.

Step 3: Modify or Repair Data (if needed):

  1. If you need to make changes to the data, you can do so using compatible software on your computer. Commonly used software includes Hex editors, EEPROM programming software, or BIOS editing tools.
  2. Make the necessary changes to the data and save it.

Step 4: Write Data Back to the Chip:

  1. Return to the RT809H programmer’s main menu.
  2. Select “Write” and choose the appropriate chip type and voltage levels.
  3. Click “Load” and select the modified data file that you want to write to the chip.
  4. Click “Write” to program the chip with the modified data.

Step 5: Verify Data (Optional):

  1. After writing data, you can choose to verify the chip’s content to ensure it matches the data you intended to write. Select “Verify” from the programmer’s main menu and follow the prompts.

Step 6: Erase (if needed):

  1. If you need to erase the chip before writing new data, select “Erase” from the main menu and follow the prompts. Note that not all chips support erasing.

Step 7: Finalize and Disconnect:

  1. Once you have successfully programmed or repaired the chip, disconnect the RT809H programmer from the computer and remove the chip from the ZIF socket carefully.
  2. Store the original and any backup copies of the data in a safe location.

Important Tips

  • Always double-check the datasheet of the memory chip to ensure you are using the correct voltage levels, pinout, and programming procedures.
  • Take precautions to avoid static electricity, as it can damage the chips.
  • Make backups of original data whenever possible before making any changes.
  • Keep the programmer and your workspace clean and free from dust or debris.

Remember that using the RT809H Programmer requires some technical knowledge, and it’s important to be cautious to avoid damaging the chips or data loss during the programming process.

Video Guide

Troubleshooting and Support

While using the software, you may encounter occasional issues or difficulties. Here are some tips to overcome common problems:

  1. Ensure proper device connection: Check the USB connection between the programmer and the computer.
  2. Update drivers: Install or update the required drivers for the RT809H programmer.
  3. Seek community support: Join online forums or communities dedicated to the RT809H programmer to seek assistance from experienced users.
  4. Official support channels: Reach out to the official support channels provided by the software developer for technical guidance.


The latest version of the RT809H programmer software in 2023 brings a host of new features and improvements, ensuring a seamless and efficient programming experience. By downloading the latest version and staying up to date, you can unlock the full potential of your RT809H programmer. Follow the provided steps to download, install, and set up the software, and explore its various functions and capabilities


What is the RT809H programmer?

The RT809H programmer is a tool used to program and update firmware on various electronic devices, including EEPROMs, SPI flash memory chips, and microcontrollers. It provides an interface for connecting the RT809H programmer hardware to a computer and enables users to read, write, and verify the data on supported chips.

Why is it important to use the latest version of the RT809H programmer software?

Using the latest version of the RT809H programmer software is crucial because it often includes important updates, bug fixes, and compatibility improvements. The latest version ensures optimal performance, enhanced functionality, and support for newer chips or programming algorithms.

Can I use the RT809H programmer on different operating systems?

The compatibility of the RT809H programmer depends on the supported operating systems specified by the manufacturer. Typically, the software is compatible with popular operating systems such as Windows (e.g., Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7) and, in some cases, Linux. It’s important to check the software’s system requirements before downloading and installing it.

Are there any precautions I should take while using the RT809H programmer?

Yes, there are a few precautions to consider when using the RT809H programmer. First, ensure that you have a stable power supply during the programming process to prevent data corruption or device damage. Secondly, carefully follow the software’s instructions and guidelines to avoid any programming errors. Lastly, make sure to have a backup of your data before performing any programming operations to avoid potential data loss.

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